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CIMIC LIAISON COURSE (CLC) 01/22 -FROM 14/11/2022 TO 18/11/2022


Inizio 14/11/2022
Ore 07:00
Fine 18/11/2022
Ore 11:00

Riviera Scarpa, 75 31045 Motta di Livenza (TV) Italy


Follow up of NCFWC/ NCSWC. Main purpose of the CLC is to enhance communication and negotiation skills that will strengthen student’s abilities to meet the challenges of a CIMIC liaison officer.

Pre-registration page will be closed the 5th Aug 2022 - 12:00 hrs.


Aim of the course

The course is designed to provide former NATO CIMIC course’s students with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to enhance their CIMIC Liaison capabilities with special reference to multinational and multidimensional contexts which characterize current NATO’s Theatres of Operations. Course content includes CIMIC Liaison Officer’s profile, tasks and responsibilities, CIMIC Liaison field experiences, Cross-Cultural Competence, Civilian environment assessment, Common operational picture. Intercultural Communication & Negotiation are the core elements of competence and incorporated as guiding threads in the overall course curricula.

Subject covered

- Update on NATO CIMIC doctrine & TTPs;

- UN Hum CivMil Coord standards;

- CIMIC Liaison Officer workshop profile;

- Communication principles & basics;

- Communication: perceptions & stiles, practical applications;

- Active listening, understanding & comprehension;

- Communication effectiveness;

- Negotiation principles & basics;

- Different types of negotiation;

- Relationship with Media: message effectiveness & credibility;

- Intercultural Communications & Gender issues;

- Negotiation & Mediation toward use of interpreters;

- Focus on civ-mil interaction at tactical level.


Theory: Formal/informal lectures of 50 minutes;

Practice: Syndicate work in the form of a discussion/exercise covering the daily subject. Role-playing;

External contributions: Civilian Guest Speakers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course the student must be able to:

- Explain communication principles and basics;

- Explain negotiation principles and basics;

- Describe the CIMIC LO’s characteristics, attitudes, background, capabilities;

- Describe the civil-military communications models;

- Be aware of communication & negotiation dynamics during Civ-Mil Interaction;

- Establish and maintain a CIMIC liaison network;

- Describe the CIMIC liaison function as per NATO Doctrine and standing TTPs.

Effectively communicate in a multicultural environment through the use of a language assistant.

Personal qualifications

Participants need to have a CIMIC background (education/training/field experience). Waiver of the above pre-requisites has to be authorized by the Course Director.

The course is open to NATO, Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue personnel, and Civilian personnel interested in Civil-Military Coord. issues.

English language proficiency as described in STANAG 6001:
listening (good/3), speaking (good/3), reading (good/3) and writing (good/3).

Participants should be:

- Officers, senior NCOs from the rank OR7 to OF4 assigned or selected for assignment to CIMIC or CIMIC related appointment in a NATO HQ or unit;

- Officers/Senior NCOs or civilian equivalent that fills, or is about to fill a comparable appointment in their Nation;

- Representatives from IOs/GOs/NGOs;

- Any other application will be scrutinized on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-course reading

Allied Joint Publication 3.19 CIMIC DOCTRINE (downloadable at MNCG website)

Final test

The final ranking list will be issued by the Course Director based on the outcome of the final test (multiple choices, based on the Course content) and the student performance evaluated by the Instructors.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee amounts are:

€ 100,00 for military and civilian MoD personnel belonging to MNCG contributing nations*;

€ 150,00 for remaining personnel.

tuition fee has to be paid through bank transfer to the bank account, no later than 3 days before the start of the course. Instruction will be sent to the participants. Tuition Fee will not be refunded after the confirmation message.


NATO, EU, or other Multinational HQs personnel, are not considered Partnership Nation members, independently of their own nationalities.

Please be aware that pre-registration page will be closed the 5th Aug 2022.

General logistics information


All Italian military personnel will be accommodated in barracks quarters unless differently indicated.

The rest of the participants must use the hotel. MNCG will provide a list of hotels that grant special fares to MNCG students. The hotels listed by MNCG will be connected to the course premises by a free daily shuttle bus(*).

Unless differently communicated, hotel booking remains a student responsibility.

 (*) if allowed by covid-19 safety procedures.


Travel arrangements and costs are a student responsibility, including visa arrangement procedures for non-EU citizens.

We recommend you to contact your National Authorities to find out what immigration provision applies to you.

To enter Italy, please have a look at the national instruction at the following link:


Special transportation instructions in accordance with the standing COVID-19 safety procedures will be issued in due time.

Visa requirements

Every participant is required to check with his/her Country’s appropriate authorities whether he/she needs a VISA for entering Italy. No invitation letters can be provided by this HQ.

Dress code

Combat uniform for military personnel, smart-casual/casual for civilians.

Security clearance

The course content is “Non-sensitive information releasable to the public”.

Medical assistance

Medical Assistance is granted free of charge for EU nationals through the European Health Insurance Card or through proper document (contact your own National Health Service).

Non-EU Citizens are advised to stipulate medical insurance for the whole period.


We inform you that it is mandatory to have a valid COVID-19 Vaccination Certification "Green pass" to enter MNCG barracks.

A confirmation message will be sent to the selected students after the selection board. Please do not book any flights or hotels before receiving the confirmation message.


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