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CIMIC TACTICAL OPERATOR COURSE (CTOC) 01/22 - FROM 14/03/2022 TO 25/03/2022


Inizio 14/03/2022
Ore 08:00
Fine 25/03/2022
Ore 12:00

Riviera Scarpa, 75 31045 Motta di Livenza (TV) Italy


To provide CIMIC knowledge, skills and tools pivotal to enhance the CIMIC operators capabilities & to enable them to accomplish the complete range of tactical CIMIC activities across the full spectrum of military engagement.

Pre-registration page will be closed the 28th Feb 2022 - 12:00 hrs.



The CTOC features academic lectures/instructions combined with syndicate activities and case studies (first week), and concludes with a comprehensive field-training exercise based on a complex crisis in failed State (second week). During the course the student will be challenged to maintain his/her composure, apply logic, communicate clearly and solve problems in simulated harsh operational environments.

Aim of the course

Secondary purpose: to create awareness for those organizations and individuals who have a vested interest in CIMIC activities.

Course architecture

2nd week: residential, field training exercise at tactical level.

Subject covered

  • -      CIMIC interrelations with PSYOPS /INFOPS / Public Affairs;
  • -      Understanding of the social terrain in the operational area;
  • -      Dealing with MEDIA;
  • -      Communication/Negotiation principles and techniques applied to the Civilian and Military Interaction context;
  • -      CIMIC projects;
  • -      Land Navigation;


Theory: Formal/informal lecturess of 50 minutes aimed at the second and third cognitive level of instruction.

Field training exercise.


Upon completion of the course students must be able to:

-     Describe the CIMIC capabilities currently  existing in NATO;

-   Conduct Liaison with the Civil dimension in accordance with the established Liaison Matrix architecture to maximize networking capabilities with civil actors;

-      Cooperate with the military staff making using integrated procedures together with communication & negotiation principles.


The course is open to civilians, particularly Field workers within Civilian Organizations that might co-operate or interact with NATO forces.

Be familiar with safe weapon handling procedures and basic radio procedures (military personnel);

English language proficiency as depicted below IAW STANAG 6001:  SLP (2/2/2/2).

Personal qualifications

Military attendees must have attended a military school/academy:

Any other application will be scrutinized on a case-by-case basis. CVs are suggested to help the selection process. No sponsorship programs exist for this course.

Final test


Tuition Fee has to be paid through bank transfer to the bank account, no later than 3 days before the start of the course. Instruction will be sent to the participants.


No sponsorship programs are available for this course.

Please be aware that pre-registration page will be closed the 28th Jan 2022.


The rest of participants must use the hotel. MNCG will provide a list of hotels that grant special fares to MNCG students. The hotels listed by MNCG will be connected to the course premises by a free daily shuttle bus(*).

 (*) if allowed by covid-19 safety procedures.


We recommend you to contact your National Authorities to find out what immigration provision applies to you.



Every participant is required to check with his/her country’s appropriate authorities whether he/she needs a VISA for entering Italy. No invitation letters can be provided by this HQ;

Dress code


The course content is “Non-sensitive information releasable to the public”.

Medical assistance

Non EU Citizens are advised to stipulate Medical insurance for the whole period.


A confirmation message will be sent to the selected students after the selection board. Please do not book any flight or hotels before receiving the confirmation message.


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