Multinational CIMIC Group specialists coordinated a project sponsored by the Italian Banco Farmaceutico

Djibuti, May, 2021

In recent weeks, at the Cheiko hospital in Balbala, the CIMIC team, as part of the Italian Military Support Base in Djibouti (BMIS), coordinated a health project aimed at supplying medicines donated by the “Banco Farmaceutico” and arrived in the theater thanks to an agreement between the Italian Joint Operational Command and the “Banco Farmaceutico” itself.

In the presence of the Director of the hospital, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim Sougueh, the following were donated:

• 7,200 bottles of Betadine;

• 510 packs of Amoxicillin;

• 1,530 packs of Vancomycin;

• 9,500 packs of Acetamol.

The director, after thanking the team for the donation, underlined the excellent relations between the hospital and the Italian contingent.

The hospital, although not in excellent condition, serves the most populated area of all the municipalities in Djibouti.

Given the shortage of supplies, the donated drugs will be promptly used by hospital personnel. The ceremony took place in accordance with all the laws issued by the Djiboutian ministry of health regarding COVID-19.

Source : Multinational CIMIC Group


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