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CIMIC operators' contribution to the fight against the epidemiological emergency that is hitting Lebanon is intensifying

Lebanon, April 2021
With the recent deliveries of a substantial amount of PPE and medical equipment to the three Unions of the Municipalities of Tyre, Bint Jubayl and Tibnin, in southern Lebanon, the "Together against Covid" campaign has come to life, with which the Multinational CIMIC Group operators, as part as the Sector West of UNIFIL, have combined their efforts with local civil and military authorities to optimize the resources to be allocated to the Lebanese population and health organizations, exhausted by months of difficulties due to the pandemic.
The campaign, involving the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the international UNIFIL operational units of sector west (Irish, Ghanaian, Malay, Korean and Italian) will develop both through direct support with the supply of PPE and medical material, and with the creation of paper information products and multimedia messages to be conveyed via social media to reach every part of the population , through a technical table that will see CIMIC, gender advisor, medical officers, psychologists and public information involved at the same time.
Over the last few weeks, in fact, the specialists of Motta di Livenza have planned and coordinated, through a continuous confrontation with the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Unions of municipalities, on which the Italian area of responsibility insists, a distribution more targeted to the needs of the population and organizations in charge of assistance and rescue. The direct involvement of local institutions will make it possible to be more in line with the needs of the territory.
Great satisfaction was expressed by the presidents of the Municipalities, who stressed how important the work of collaboration and support of the UNIFIL forces is. Together with the monitoring of the cessation of hostilities and support for the Lebanese Armed Forces, support for local authorities and the population is in fact one of the main tasks assigned to UNIFIL by UN Resolution 1701, and MNCG operators are working un savings in this regard at an unprecedented time in history for Lebanon.

source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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